Luigi Liquid

14 02 2011

Luigi Liquid… what on Earth is that?

At school, we got set a task to design a drink and loads of people brought them in. There were a lot of varieties from a nice smelling drink called ‘Twister’ (although the drink was put in a body-wash bottle) to a drink called Fruit-azade which, if you drank too much of it, you suffered from general idiocy, sickness and noisy children.

But this has nothing to do with Luigi Liquid, you’re probably thinking. It does, because one of the drinks was called ‘Luigi Liquid’ which, when drunk, turns you into Luigi.

If you don’t know who Luigi is (and if so, have you been living under a rock for a year?), he is Mario’s brother.

Please don’t tell me you don’t know who Mario is. They’re characters in a brilliant video game.

OK, this is Luigi ↓                                                                                And this is Mario ↓








Anyway, it looked absolutely HORRIBLE. At the top of the vile concoction, there were loads of scum-y stuff, floating around looking disgusting. Through the middle you couldn’t see much apart from the green water that made up the thing. (He said it was food colouring, but I don’t believe him. It could be something much worse). And at the bottom of the foul liquid, there was loads of stuff that looked like sand. It also smelt awful, like rotting tomatoes squished for their juice.

He told me it contained Luigi blood and hair and I wondered whether the sandy bits was crushed hair. Eurgh.

So if, in 20 years time, a new drink comes to the market called Luigi Liquid, don’t buy it. It’s just rank.




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