I’m Sick of Bieber Fever

19 02 2011

Geddit! Sick… fever. No? Ah, well.

This post is dedicated to Justin Bieber, as his fans are rather annoying and I want to make that clear.

A few days ago, on Thursday, Justin Bieber was at a film premiere releasing his new film ‘Never say Never’ and there were thousands of screaming girls. Even if you weren’t in London you would hear the screaming. They were so loud. And some of them had been in the O2 arena for days just so they could see him.

Bieber wants his film to establish that he is a normal kid, albeit a normal kid who has:

  • Scooped 4 awards at the American Music Awards including the top prize of favourite entertainer of the year;
  • Written an autobiography;
  • Gone on a world tour;
  • And been shot on CSI.

Very normal.

Also, his mum has been trampled and one of his hats stolen by a fan. People are obsessed with Bieber.

Magazines are worrying, showing pictures of Bieber in mid hair-flip saying girls will swoon over the image. What the..? And then there are a load of pages to get girls excited, as he is single and is looking for love, and he says he would date a fan. That is just so depressing in my opinion.

I don’t really have anything against Mr Bieber, but his fans are just so annoying. Really annoying.

That’s the end, bye.




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1 08 2011
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