Cool Games: Microcosmic Shooter

20 02 2011

It’s time for some games.

Normally, I do a lot of writing and put in an animation but on posts that star with Cool Games, you will get a link to a cool game as the title suggests.

You might think that Akinator falls under the category of cool games but I decided it was a web toy in case you were wondering.

Moving back on to topic, today’s cool game is Microcosmic Shooter.

Microcosmic Shooter is a game about a boy who gets shrunk to one centimetre and wants to avenge the mosquito/fly things that made him so. You, as the boy, have to find ordinary bathroom and kitchen equipment such as a hairpin, an elastic band and a bunch of toothpicks so you can make weapons, such as a bow and arrow and defeat the boss fly. It’s a cross between a shooting game and a point-and-click puzzle, it’s brilliant.

Click the link.




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