A Trip to London

24 02 2011

As you can guess from the title, I don’t live in London, so I decided to visit it.

Firstly, I took the train and the tube and went to Camden Lock, where I had a look around the market (why are there so many t-shirts?) and ate lunch on one of those moped things that you can see the lock out of. One of the T-shirts were rather annoying as they read ‘I  Justin Bieber’. If you’ve read my post named ‘I’m Sick of Bieber Fever’ you’ll know why.

Among T-shirts there were lots of jokes about evolution, this one was my favourite:

Get it?

After that, I went around the market again, and saw this rather weird thing called Zoola Fish where you can have a fish pedicure. What you do is you sit down on a bench thing and put your feet in a tank of water with Garra Rufa fish inside. Then they nibble on your dead skin to give you softer feet. It looks like this.

It is very weird.

Then I had a long walk around London and arrived at Hamleys! At Hamleys I bought a multipack of magic balloons which are tubes with a liquid plastic thing inside which you put on a pipe that looks like a kazoo. You blow it, and you get a balloon.

Then I accidentally discovered Ripley’s Believe it or Not! museum where I had a look at all sorts of things from animatronic T-rexes, to plastic albino alligators. Here’s a tour of the museum.

On the fifth floor there are:

  • Animal oddities which are models of animals to real things. For instance, item of interest No. 8: ropes that were found in a cows  stomach.
  • Galleries of things from junk ducks to a portrait of the Queen made entirely out of coins!
  • Ripley’s office complete with holographic Ripley!

Then on the fourth floor there is:

  • Ripley’s Dungeon, with information on all types of execution. There was this crate and Mongolian prisoners were put inside with food just out of their reach. After they’d died from starvation, it doubled up as a crate. Also there was a man strapped to an electric chair with a bag on his head and members of the public were invited to throw the switch and watch him shriek in pain. It was animatronic, by the way.
  • A thing about beauty which I ignored most of, but there were these two things that stood out.
  1. The Sara Disk Wearer of Africa. The Ubangi women of the Sara tribe in Chad wear wooden plates on their lips to make them look unattractive to raiders.
  2. The Padaung Women of Myanmar. They put a gold ring on their neck annually to a maximum of 20 rings which makes their necks 38cm longer!
  • Then there was the theatre which had all sorts of things on it: even a man who, if he swallowed a lock and a key, could lock it in his stomach!

On the third floor:

  • There was this CGI pond which when stood on rippled where your feet were.
  • Underwater Wonders with loads of model creatures like Snapping Turtles and Great White Sharks.
  • Cosmic Mysteries where you could touch 250kg asteroids and observe a bit of the Moon’s surface which had fallen to Earth.
  • Shrunken heads. The title says it all really. There were three shrunken heads from enemy tribes.
  • Spinning tunnel where when you went across it you felt like the bridge you were on was tilting but really it was the lights moving, not the bridge.

The whole second floor was dedicated to Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze, and it was really weird. I kept bumping into mirrors and mistaking people for reflections!

On the first floor, there was the entrance with these animatronic people called The Sprats who were singing. They must have been programmed a lot. Other things on the first floor were a three-legged pigeon and Olympic torches.

The ground floor was a gift shop with stacks of Ripley’s Believe it or Not 2011. You can read a bit of it here:


At 9:30, I took the train home after a weird day.




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