Red Nose Day!

17 03 2011

On Friday 18th March, it is RED NOSE DAY!

For those of you who don’t know what Red Nose Day is, it’s a day where you do ‘something funny for money’ for a charity called Comic relief. And if you didn’t know what comic relief is, where have you been the past 2-and-a-half decades.

They sell red noses, which are like little characters that fit on your nose. This year’s are:

  • Honkus, a furry little monster. He looks nice, but has fangs.
  • Captain Conk, a pirate with an eye patch. He has a Jolly Roger hat on his head, in which the skull has a red nose.
  • Chucklechomp, a nerd. He’s got this massive white glasses to make him look geeky, and also has his teeth at the side of his mouth while his tongue dominates the other side.

But what is Red Nose Day for? Comic Relief’s aims are in the UK and Africa.

What they do in the UK:

  • Help disadvantaged communities;
  • Help the elderly;
  • And ensure mentally ill people have a say in the decisions that affect their lives.

What they do in Africa:

  • Help those in urban slums improve their living environment;
  • Rescue homeless children from violence;
  • Tackle malaria;
  • Help children get an education;
  • Contribute and promote fair and sustainable ways for producers to earn a living;
  • Fund a number of projects to help Africa’s poorest communities find ways to cope with the changes.

Now from something that’s actually quite sensible to something rather stupid.

Ways to fundraise:

  1. Get sponsored to wear your pyjamas at school or work.
  2. Hold a clothes swap.
  3. Hold a fashion show.
  4. Be sponsored to eat only red food for a day.
  5. Wear a red wig for a day.
  6. Do a karaoke night.
  7. Do a sponsored silence.
  8. Get sponsored to row the length of the English channel on a rowing machine.
  9. Do some chores for money.
  10. Hold a book sale.

What you can do with your money.

£1 provides a child who lives in poverty in Kenya glasses so they can read and write.

£2 could provide a years’ supply of pens for a child in Uganda.

£5 could provide a homeless child in Ethiopia a week of healthy meals.

£10 could provide a child who lives in poverty in the UK healthy dinners for a week.

£15 could pay for mosquito nets to protect three families.

£25 could help a child in Uganda get enough money to buy exercise books for a whole year so they can get a good education.

So do something funny for money to help people around the world.




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