Bournemouth: Tuesday

23 04 2011

On Tuesday, my second day at Bournemouth, I visited Beaulieu.

Firstly, I looked at some Victorian Gardens and numerous fountains (how very boring…). Then I went on the monorail. On the monorail, I took a video, and my friends provided a voice-over.

After visiting Beaulieu Abbey, I visited the Top Gear Exhibition where you could see some of the smashed up cars that had actually been used in the show. Then we went inside the Enormodome and watched a video of a selection of things that went wrong on the show.

After I went to the James Bond exhibition, I had lunch.

Then I went to the Motor Museum and saw a selection of famous cars. They had the Ford Anglia that Ron Weasley drove to Hogwarts, Chitty chitty bang bang and the car that Mr Bean used in series 3. Useless Trivia: Mr Bean’s car is worth £2,247!  Then we went back to the coach.


Bournemouth: Monday

23 04 2011

Hi! It’s been a while, I haven’t actually posted anything. Mainly because I’ve been in Bournemouth for four days. Then I had to go to Porlock, but I’ll write about that another time.

So I’m going to post what I did in Bournemouth but not all in one go. I’m going to post what I did and the ridiculous amount of photos day by day. What I did on Monday is first.

What I did in Bournemouth on Monday:

On Monday, I went to the Explosion Museum, a gunpowder magazine that has been converted into a museum. Great audio-visual show!

Me and my friend on a torpedo.

Then we went to Bournemouth beach and made sand sculptures. Bournemouth Beach looks like this:

Then we went to bed, ready for the next day at the Mount Stuart Hotel.

The Sword, the Shield and the Dwarf

3 04 2011

Recently, I wrote a story about a dwarf who goes on a quest called Slibildee, and I put it on the internet. There are a lot of spelling and grammar mistakes, but never mind.

The Sword, the Shield and the Dwarf