The Elusive Red Squirrel

6 05 2011

Otherwise known as ‘What I did at Bournemouth on Wednesday’.

Firstly, I went to Brownsea Island, home of the red squirrels (hence the title), where I went on a nature walk. Firstly, we saw a couple of peacocks and then visited a hide to watch seagulls. There were loads of them, flying around and cawing. The seagulls, not the peacocks.

Continuing our nature walk, we saw a nice lizard, which blended in with the log so nicely that some people didn’t notice it, and a grass snake. Well, I didn’t see a grass snake, but they said I missed it by about a second. That’s really unfair, I love reptiles.

Then we saw a Red Squirrel!A red squirrel on Brownsea Island

It was feeding on a platform, so I tried to capture it with my camera, but failed. Kind of. I got him/her, but the zoom on my camera is a pest, and I got a black blob instead. Never mind.

Then I visited Corfe castle. The highlight was probably seeing where the medieval toilets were. Part of the wall had eroded where the urine had hit it. I listen to stupid things like that, ignoring all the boring history stuff. Go me.

Then it was back to the beach to watch everyone else but me play beach rugby.

Link to Photopeach:




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