100 Word Challenge: The Gargantuan Tarantula

9 05 2011

Hi there!

Recently, I’ve entered this competition called the 100 Word Challenge – link here – and here is my entry for 100WC Week #9.

The colossal mechanical arachnid scuttled across the city, annihilating everything in it’s path. People screamed as debris was scattered everywhere.

Meanwhile, far away, the evil scientist – Professor Spyder – cackled evilly as his creation pulverized the city. He turned back to the screen.

Many green tanks were approaching the metallic monster, as well as a couple of helicopters. Compact shells were fired at the enormous beast, exploding on impact. Balls of fire surrounded the tarantula.


The gigantic tarantula exploded into thousands of pieces. Gnarled metal fell to the road. The army celebrated, whilst the professor cried in despair.

I hope you enjoyed that. Bye!

This is what I had to base this story on.




3 responses

9 05 2011
Mrs. Skinner

Fantastic description of an amazing creature! I do hope you will be able to encourage some of your class mates to join 100WC. See you next week MM!

12 05 2011
Claire Radd

What amazing vocabulary! I loved all the descriptive words that you used so effectively. Keep up the good work! 🙂

21 07 2011
sam lee

love the story it super

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