Fish and Discos

31 05 2011

Now for the next instalment in my series about Bournemouth!


I appreciate you do not have the same enthusiasm about this as I do, but never mind.

On Thursday we went to Durlston Country Park. A ranger person talked to us about ecosystems and adaptation whatever that is, and showed us footage of
Guillemots in a nearby cave .  We then played a game a bit like Marco Polo about echolocation.





We then went on a walk around the grounds, and I took some great pictures.


We had lunch and then went to the Oceanarium. Firstly, we saw a multicoloured stingray being fed. Well, everyone else did. I was too busy trying to identify other creatures in the tank.  Then we went in this tank which was full of marine life: sharks, bannerfish, stingrays and more! I learnt that Black-Tipped Reef Sharks constantly kept moving so they could breathe. They don’t stop, they switch half of their brain off at a time! After that, we watched turtles being fed carrots and lettuce. We had a walk around and saw many things including baby lizards. I love fish.


Then we had a disco. It was amazing, all the flashing lights and stuff. Here’s a video I took of it.




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