It’s Hot Here in Turkey

11 08 2011

Turkey´s a nice place. I spend a lot of time in the pool and had a day at the beach. I´ve spent lots of time in the water. It´s either my fourth or fifth day here (I´m not so sure with the night flight).

In Turkey‚ it´s really hot. Boiling‚ in fact. Absolutely boiling.

The plane was delayed‚ they couldn´t find a pilot. Then they took the wrong generator to the plane‚ which delayed it even more. Then the lights went out. When they turned back on‚ the air conditioning stopped working. When everything was finally fixed‚ it was dark‚ so we ended up having a night flight. And we arrived at 6:00 in the morning. Not a great start.

We explored SİDE´s market‚ and I nearly died of heat exhaustion. We´ve been to the beach at night‚ and took pictures. I´ll make a Photopeach when we get back. I went snorkelling and didn´t see any fish.

The pool here (we´re at a place called Merve Sun) is brilliant. People leave inflatables for other people to use and there´s a bubble thing. And the water is cold. Wonderfully cold.

We also went to the hotel´s bar to watch some Turkish Dancing. The people who did that were amazing‚ they even threw flaming knives at someone on the ground. Blindfolded. Though they weren´t the best‚ it was still pretty good. I´ve got a video of them doing it. And there was a belly-dancer person as well who got lots of money when people gave it to her when she danced directly in front of them. Trying (and failing) to look alluring. Though when I say failing‚ I expect there probably many people who thought she did look alluring. I´m just not one of those people.

Turkey is a nice place. It´s just a boiling hot one.

Our hotel




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