Back Home

23 08 2011

Here I am, back home again. For the rest of my holiday in Turkey, I went to the beach and went snorkelling. I saw lots of fish, massive shoals of them, and some big red fish too. It’s nice seeing fish without a glass barrier between you and them.

We went to a museum and saw a lot of Roman statues. The titles were very original (Featuring Portrait of a ManPortrait of a ManPortrait of a Man, and newly-discovered Portrait of a Man!). There was an old amphitheatre which we visted as as well, which was lucky, as in Run., there’s a bit where Catherine has to fight zombies inside an  amphitheatre. (Talking of Run., I made a new blog for my writing. You can look at it here.)

Guess what happened on our last day there, though. Our hotel was right next to some fields and on the last day, we woke up to find them in flames. Ash was swirling in the air and flames were coming out of the trees, and some fire engines which were minuscule trying to put the flames out. They did eventually, and we enjoyed the last day there.

I also tried some Turkish Delight, which was really nice, I’d recommend it if you haven’t had any before.

I did promise a photopeach, didn’t I? Oh, and I did say I’ll blog about the last day of Bournemouth. I’ll do it later.




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