Let’s Kill Hitler!

28 08 2011

Video © BBC and DALEK2626

Because I’m such a Doctor Who fanboy – proof: here and here – I was watching the opening of Series 6½, Let’s Kill Hitler. (The series was split into halves.)

Let’s Kill Hitler wasn’t the best episode of Series 6, but it was pretty cool. It involved miniaturised people inside a shape-shifting vehicle with robotic jellyfish that would incinerate you if you didn’t have privileges. And Rory punched Hitler in the face and locked him in a cupboard. Oh, and we also learnt more about River Song, Amy and Rory’s daughter. Go on TARDIS Wiki if you want to find out more.

There was also a flashback which involved a young Amy Pond, a young Rory, and a young Mels, (If you don’t know who she is go here), which involved this speech:

MELS: Is he hot, the Doctor?

AMELIA: No, he’s funny.

RORY: (Walking into the room) I thought we were playing hide and seek.

AMELIA: Well, we just haven’t found you yet.

RORY: Hi, Mels.

MELS: Hi, Rory.

If you’re not a fan of Doctor Who, to make up for it, I’ve made a page where all the games from the Cool Games series are, and if you like my writing, a blog where my writing goes.

Games page: https://idioticmonkeys.wordpress.com/games/

Writing: http://monkeymoronswriting.wordpress.com/







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