The Hunger Games

15 04 2012

Hello! I did a comic:

Phone Conversation
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My friends came round the other day and we filmed another YouTube video, so I’m editing that and judging by the amount I procrastinate it will be done in 46 years. Yay!

Anyway, while they came, we went to see the Hunger Games, a film about teenagers fighting to the death.

It starts when a young girl called Primrose is chosen to be in this fight to the death. Her sister, Katniss,  who can’t bear to see her die, volunteers for her, knowing that she’ll probably get killed. A boy from the District called Peeta is chosen to fight as well and they both go off into the Capitol to train.

The Games are a televised event, and before they start, all 24 of the Tributes (people chosen to fight) are interviewed. In Peeta’s interview, he reveals that he’s in love with Katniss, which is very unfortunate, seeing as he has too kill her if he wants to win the Games.

It’s very very good, the graphics and effects are brilliant, as is the acting.

Here is the trailer:

Brilliant, isn’t it?

That’s all, bye!


Woodland Adventure and American Pictures

4 04 2012

I have a gate to a woodland in my back garden, and right at the back of the wood, there’s a hole in the ground. This hole is filled with plants, stinging nettles, dock leaves, and moss. It’s also filled with things like old bicycles, broken microvaves, and toasters.

I had a walk through the wasteland place, and got stung by nettles in the ankle, caused down a chalk landslide, nearly killed myself, and saw a rabbit. At least the rabbit was nice.

In America, we went to the zoo, and here are some pictures of animals:

@ d£tr0it ZoO

And here is a chipmunk:

I’m doing Script Frenzy for Young Writers, and surprisingly, it’s going well. I’m going to write 35 pages, and I’ve written 7 so far. I have a graph:



3 04 2012

As I told you in the last blog post, I went to America, and here is what I did, written on Tuesday 20th March:

 I’ve just come back from America on the plane and I’m ABSOLUTELY SHATTERED. On the plane I didn’t sleep at all, so I haven’t slept in 24 hours.

I went to America for my cousin’s wedding which was nice, especially the reception. I watched almost everyone there dance. (I didn’t. I don’t dance.)

On Wednesday: We went to Detroit Zoo, which was interesting. I liked looking at the reptiles, because reptiles are the BEST! They had lots of birds, and all of them looked brilliant.

On Thursday: We went shopping. There was this massive shop about outdoor stuff which had an aquarium. It also had stacks of boxes of bullets especially designed to stop the zombie apocalypse, which I found hilarious. Then we went to an entertainment shop with stuff, including a Hunger Games Mockingjay pin. Once we’d finished, we went around the shops looking at stuff.

On Friday: We went to a hotel that was closer to the church, which had a great TV, and a swimming pool, so that was good.

On Saturday: We went to a science museum which was aimed at younger children, but still good. The wedding happened, which was a nice, non-religious, celebration. Then there was the reception, which was mad. See the second paragraph, second sentence.

On Sunday:  After recovering from the reception, we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was nice, apart from a cactus that I stupidly touched and got injected with tiny, thin, spikes, that I couldn’t get out.

On Monday: We packed up everything in a rush, and went to the airport and flew back.

And that’s it up to now, so, um…bye?


American Chocolate Is RUBBISH (sorry)

2 04 2012

I’m from England, and I go to school. But I got to miss a week of school because of my cousin’s wedding. In America.

So I went to America and did stuff, I’ll do pictures later, and my aunt got us some american chocolate.

It tasted of vomit.