3 04 2012

As I told you in the last blog post, I went to America, and here is what I did, written on Tuesday 20th March:

 I’ve just come back from America on the plane and I’m ABSOLUTELY SHATTERED. On the plane I didn’t sleep at all, so I haven’t slept in 24 hours.

I went to America for my cousin’s wedding which was nice, especially the reception. I watched almost everyone there dance. (I didn’t. I don’t dance.)

On Wednesday: We went to Detroit Zoo, which was interesting. I liked looking at the reptiles, because reptiles are the BEST! They had lots of birds, and all of them looked brilliant.

On Thursday: We went shopping. There was this massive shop about outdoor stuff which had an aquarium. It also had stacks of boxes of bullets especially designed to stop the zombie apocalypse, which I found hilarious. Then we went to an entertainment shop with stuff, including a Hunger Games Mockingjay pin. Once we’d finished, we went around the shops looking at stuff.

On Friday: We went to a hotel that was closer to the church, which had a great TV, and a swimming pool, so that was good.

On Saturday: We went to a science museum which was aimed at younger children, but still good. The wedding happened, which was a nice, non-religious, celebration. Then there was the reception, which was mad. See the second paragraph, second sentence.

On Sunday:  After recovering from the reception, we went to the Botanical Gardens. It was nice, apart from a cactus that I stupidly touched and got injected with tiny, thin, spikes, that I couldn’t get out.

On Monday: We packed up everything in a rush, and went to the airport and flew back.

And that’s it up to now, so, um…bye?





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