Woodland Adventure and American Pictures

4 04 2012

I have a gate to a woodland in my back garden, and right at the back of the wood, there’s a hole in the ground. This hole is filled with plants, stinging nettles, dock leaves, and moss. It’s also filled with things like old bicycles, broken microvaves, and toasters.

I had a walk through the wasteland place, and got stung by nettles in the ankle, caused down a chalk landslide, nearly killed myself, and saw a rabbit. At least the rabbit was nice.

In America, we went to the zoo, and here are some pictures of animals:

@ d£tr0it ZoO

And here is a chipmunk:

I’m doing Script Frenzy for Young Writers, and surprisingly, it’s going well. I’m going to write 35 pages, and I’ve written 7 so far. I have a graph:





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