The Hunger Games

15 04 2012

Hello! I did a comic:

Phone Conversation
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My friends came round the other day and we filmed another YouTube video, so I’m editing that and judging by the amount I procrastinate it will be done in 46 years. Yay!

Anyway, while they came, we went to see the Hunger Games, a film about teenagers fighting to the death.

It starts when a young girl called Primrose is chosen to be in this fight to the death. Her sister, Katniss,  who can’t bear to see her die, volunteers for her, knowing that she’ll probably get killed. A boy from the District called Peeta is chosen to fight as well and they both go off into the Capitol to train.

The Games are a televised event, and before they start, all 24 of the Tributes (people chosen to fight) are interviewed. In Peeta’s interview, he reveals that he’s in love with Katniss, which is very unfortunate, seeing as he has too kill her if he wants to win the Games.

It’s very very good, the graphics and effects are brilliant, as is the acting.

Here is the trailer:

Brilliant, isn’t it?

That’s all, bye!


Because I’m Bored

29 11 2011

Hello, I’m back!

Recently, I got this little book which I write random quotes in. Here are a few.

“Winning is for losers.”

“I’m reasonably sized.”

“I rest my pencil case.”

My life is strange.


I made this because I was bored. And I mean really bored.


It’s a pivot! About a guy who’s on fire.


YouTube Video of the week that isn’t mine (it’s random):


I shall leave you with a drawing of a tiger:

See ya.

Become an M&M!

27 02 2011

More M&M-related fun today,  I’ve discovered this new web toy where you get to turn an M&M into your self!

You choose what your body shape and colour is, then add other things like eyes, arms, legs, mouths, even beards! It is so cool.

Here’s one I made earlier:

Have a go at:


14 02 2011

Wordle is an online tool where you can create word clouds.

I wanted to show you a Wordle that I made of all the words that are on the first five posts on this blog.
Wordle: Words on my blog

Every single word.

You can go to wordle at:

Note: You have to have Java or it won’t work.


12 02 2011


Sorry, I’ve just been on Akinator, the web genius.

When you get on the website (find the link below), you think of a person, say Harry Hill, and answer the questions it gives you.

It’s brilliant, it even got the Annoying Orange!

Find Akinator at:

(Oh yeah, you can put a fake username on it).