The Hunger Games

15 04 2012

Hello! I did a comic:

Phone Conversation
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My friends came round the other day and we filmed another YouTube video, so I’m editing that and judging by the amount I procrastinate it will be done in 46 years. Yay!

Anyway, while they came, we went to see the Hunger Games, a film about teenagers fighting to the death.

It starts when a young girl called Primrose is chosen to be in this fight to the death. Her sister, Katniss,  who can’t bear to see her die, volunteers for her, knowing that she’ll probably get killed. A boy from the District called Peeta is chosen to fight as well and they both go off into the Capitol to train.

The Games are a televised event, and before they start, all 24 of the Tributes (people chosen to fight) are interviewed. In Peeta’s interview, he reveals that he’s in love with Katniss, which is very unfortunate, seeing as he has too kill her if he wants to win the Games.

It’s very very good, the graphics and effects are brilliant, as is the acting.

Here is the trailer:

Brilliant, isn’t it?

That’s all, bye!


The (Not Very) Triumphant Return of Me!

31 12 2011

Hello! I’m back! YAY!

First things first, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Here is my Christmas present to the small amount of people who actually read my blog:

It’s a drawing! 😎

Here are two YouTube videos that I put on my channel, one being a montage of stuff done to some ALL CAPS music, and the other a really old video taken at a wedding. Another one is coming soon, but I’m editing it at the moment, and I need my friends to say some extra dialogue that I forgot to record. Oh well:

Número uno,

Y número dos:

In NaNoWriMo news, I failed. I was going to write 10,000 words but after realising that was impossible with my procrastination skills, I changed it to 5,000. And then I couldn’t be bothered and only wrote wrote 3,338, 2 chapters and a ½. Maybe I’ll have better luck with Script Frenzy.

And now for another attempt to get some more belated Christmas spirit, here is a song done by Michael Aranda who is awesome:

What Child Is This? by Michael Aranda

Happy New Year everybody! See you in 2012!