NaNoWriMo 2011

7 09 2011

Tick, tock, goes the clock, and all the time it flies,

Tick, tock, and all too soon, you and I must DIE!

                                                              Peg Dolls

How do you know when you run out of ideas on how to start a post? When you quote a poem said on Doctor Who. And a macabre one at that. *sighs*

Doctor Who was on last week with creepy peg dolls that turn people into dolls themselves. As the Doctor Who website describes it: It begins with the hands… Fingers stiffen and apparently turn to wood. And then the process spreads until the victim of the dolls has become like them. The Doctor called their state a ‘living death’.

But the title of this post is NaNoWriMo, which stands for National Novel Writing Month. In NaNoWriMo, you write a 50,000 word story in the space of one month. Seeing as this is my first time, and because I can, I’ll be doing the young writers program, where I’m going to choose my word target : 10,000 words is what I’m aiming for. If I actually remember to do it, then I’ll put sections of it on, my new blog that I really need to update.

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Turkey Pics on PhotoPeach


Let’s Kill Hitler!

28 08 2011

Video © BBC and DALEK2626

Because I’m such a Doctor Who fanboy – proof: here and here – I was watching the opening of Series 6½, Let’s Kill Hitler. (The series was split into halves.)

Let’s Kill Hitler wasn’t the best episode of Series 6, but it was pretty cool. It involved miniaturised people inside a shape-shifting vehicle with robotic jellyfish that would incinerate you if you didn’t have privileges. And Rory punched Hitler in the face and locked him in a cupboard. Oh, and we also learnt more about River Song, Amy and Rory’s daughter. Go on TARDIS Wiki if you want to find out more.

There was also a flashback which involved a young Amy Pond, a young Rory, and a young Mels, (If you don’t know who she is go here), which involved this speech:

MELS: Is he hot, the Doctor?

AMELIA: No, he’s funny.

RORY: (Walking into the room) I thought we were playing hide and seek.

AMELIA: Well, we just haven’t found you yet.

RORY: Hi, Mels.

MELS: Hi, Rory.

If you’re not a fan of Doctor Who, to make up for it, I’ve made a page where all the games from the Cool Games series are, and if you like my writing, a blog where my writing goes.

Games page:





Back Home

23 08 2011

Here I am, back home again. For the rest of my holiday in Turkey, I went to the beach and went snorkelling. I saw lots of fish, massive shoals of them, and some big red fish too. It’s nice seeing fish without a glass barrier between you and them.

We went to a museum and saw a lot of Roman statues. The titles were very original (Featuring Portrait of a ManPortrait of a ManPortrait of a Man, and newly-discovered Portrait of a Man!). There was an old amphitheatre which we visted as as well, which was lucky, as in Run., there’s a bit where Catherine has to fight zombies inside an  amphitheatre. (Talking of Run., I made a new blog for my writing. You can look at it here.)

Guess what happened on our last day there, though. Our hotel was right next to some fields and on the last day, we woke up to find them in flames. Ash was swirling in the air and flames were coming out of the trees, and some fire engines which were minuscule trying to put the flames out. They did eventually, and we enjoyed the last day there.

I also tried some Turkish Delight, which was really nice, I’d recommend it if you haven’t had any before.

I did promise a photopeach, didn’t I? Oh, and I did say I’ll blog about the last day of Bournemouth. I’ll do it later.

It’s Hot Here in Turkey

11 08 2011

Turkey´s a nice place. I spend a lot of time in the pool and had a day at the beach. I´ve spent lots of time in the water. It´s either my fourth or fifth day here (I´m not so sure with the night flight).

In Turkey‚ it´s really hot. Boiling‚ in fact. Absolutely boiling.

The plane was delayed‚ they couldn´t find a pilot. Then they took the wrong generator to the plane‚ which delayed it even more. Then the lights went out. When they turned back on‚ the air conditioning stopped working. When everything was finally fixed‚ it was dark‚ so we ended up having a night flight. And we arrived at 6:00 in the morning. Not a great start.

We explored SİDE´s market‚ and I nearly died of heat exhaustion. We´ve been to the beach at night‚ and took pictures. I´ll make a Photopeach when we get back. I went snorkelling and didn´t see any fish.

The pool here (we´re at a place called Merve Sun) is brilliant. People leave inflatables for other people to use and there´s a bubble thing. And the water is cold. Wonderfully cold.

We also went to the hotel´s bar to watch some Turkish Dancing. The people who did that were amazing‚ they even threw flaming knives at someone on the ground. Blindfolded. Though they weren´t the best‚ it was still pretty good. I´ve got a video of them doing it. And there was a belly-dancer person as well who got lots of money when people gave it to her when she danced directly in front of them. Trying (and failing) to look alluring. Though when I say failing‚ I expect there probably many people who thought she did look alluring. I´m just not one of those people.

Turkey is a nice place. It´s just a boiling hot one.

Our hotel


1 08 2011

Yeah, sorry for neglecting this blog. Just haven’t been on it for a while, so I thought I might do a post of everything that I’ve been doing recently.

Firstly, I don’t like Justin Bieber much, so I drew this ↓.


I’ve also been making a scrapbook of sorts, of things that I like, which I would show you, but I don’t want to waste space that could be used for other things.


Here is a pivot animation that I’ve made:

You might have to click it or full screen it for it to move, just try everything until it works.


Oh, and I’m starting work on a work of fiction, about a girl because for some reason I never write about girls, and here is a bit of it:

Escaping from the jail hadn’t been easy; there were many different obstacles she had to tackle. She ran to the entrance, but only made it as far as the castle grounds before someone had realised she had escaped, and set some of the other prison guards to try to kill her. But Catherine was a fighter, as a little girl she knew how to attack enemies. When she had been caught she had been asleep, otherwise she would have taken them on there and then. These four people who were going to kill her didn’t stand a chance.

“Oi, you!” one of them shouted across the grounds. He ran towards her, she got her fighting stance ready. Suddenly the man cried out in pain; Catherine had punched him in the jaw. She aimed a kick towards his stomach, and he fell to the ground, writhing in agony. Catherine kneeled down and took his dagger. She probably wouldn’t need it, but it was reassuring to know she had a weapon she could use. Another guard came close to her; she dug her thumbs into the hollows in the side of his neck. His head shot back in pain and she elbowed him in the stomach. He fell to the ground. The other guards looked at her in fear and fled. Catherine smiled.

The next obstacle was the portcullis, an iron gate with spikes on the bottom of it to protect the castle from siege. If it fell on her she would be impaled. With the feeling that it would be dropped soon, Catherine ran at it. She rolled underneath it. The second she got up from her roll, the portcullis fell. She breathed a sigh of relief.

Running as quickly as she possibly could, she sprinted over the drawbridge before it was pulled up, avoiding the boiling oil that was being poured on her. She darted through the land outside the castle, dodged the flurry of arrows being rained upon her from the battlements.

It was simple after that, just down the hill the castle was on and she was free.

Catherine is a real person, though she isn’t the prison-escaping, zombie-fighting, evil king hater that I made her character into. And the only reason I’m writing about her is because I couldn’t be bothered to make up a character.


Moving on, I’m going to Turkey for a holiday soon, I’ll blog about that after I’ve finished the Bournemouth thing. And no, I’m probably never going to write about Porlock.


I’ve finished the Hunger Games, it’s a great book, I’d definitely recommend it, really thought provoking. I was up at 14 past 3 in the morning, trying to finish it. Check out its website.

OK, that’s the end. Bye.

Random Video: Reckless Driving

9 06 2011


Here is another video I made about me crashing a go-kart.

Watch it.

Fish and Discos

31 05 2011

Now for the next instalment in my series about Bournemouth!


I appreciate you do not have the same enthusiasm about this as I do, but never mind.

On Thursday we went to Durlston Country Park. A ranger person talked to us about ecosystems and adaptation whatever that is, and showed us footage of
Guillemots in a nearby cave .  We then played a game a bit like Marco Polo about echolocation.





We then went on a walk around the grounds, and I took some great pictures.


We had lunch and then went to the Oceanarium. Firstly, we saw a multicoloured stingray being fed. Well, everyone else did. I was too busy trying to identify other creatures in the tank.  Then we went in this tank which was full of marine life: sharks, bannerfish, stingrays and more! I learnt that Black-Tipped Reef Sharks constantly kept moving so they could breathe. They don’t stop, they switch half of their brain off at a time! After that, we watched turtles being fed carrots and lettuce. We had a walk around and saw many things including baby lizards. I love fish.


Then we had a disco. It was amazing, all the flashing lights and stuff. Here’s a video I took of it.