The Hunger Games

15 04 2012

Hello! I did a comic:

Phone Conversation
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My friends came round the other day and we filmed another YouTube video, so I’m editing that and judging by the amount I procrastinate it will be done in 46 years. Yay!

Anyway, while they came, we went to see the Hunger Games, a film about teenagers fighting to the death.

It starts when a young girl called Primrose is chosen to be in this fight to the death. Her sister, Katniss,  who can’t bear to see her die, volunteers for her, knowing that she’ll probably get killed. A boy from the District called Peeta is chosen to fight as well and they both go off into the Capitol to train.

The Games are a televised event, and before they start, all 24 of the Tributes (people chosen to fight) are interviewed. In Peeta’s interview, he reveals that he’s in love with Katniss, which is very unfortunate, seeing as he has too kill her if he wants to win the Games.

It’s very very good, the graphics and effects are brilliant, as is the acting.

Here is the trailer:

Brilliant, isn’t it?

That’s all, bye!


Cool Games: Microcosmic Shooter

20 02 2011

It’s time for some games.

Normally, I do a lot of writing and put in an animation but on posts that star with Cool Games, you will get a link to a cool game as the title suggests.

You might think that Akinator falls under the category of cool games but I decided it was a web toy in case you were wondering.

Moving back on to topic, today’s cool game is Microcosmic Shooter.

Microcosmic Shooter is a game about a boy who gets shrunk to one centimetre and wants to avenge the mosquito/fly things that made him so. You, as the boy, have to find ordinary bathroom and kitchen equipment such as a hairpin, an elastic band and a bunch of toothpicks so you can make weapons, such as a bow and arrow and defeat the boss fly. It’s a cross between a shooting game and a point-and-click puzzle, it’s brilliant.

Click the link.